The red skirt

Hello lovely people,

Being the last days of summer and the last warm weekend, I decided to wear my new red skirt that I bought last year. It’s still new if it hasn’t been worn right? 🤔 Right! Continue reading “The red skirt”

Street style #1

Hello lovely people,

Have you ever bought clothes but end up not wearing them? I have, lots of them! My goal this year was not to buy any more clothes but to wear the ones I bought in the past years! Yeah that didn’t work! Who was I fooling? Continue reading “Street style #1”

Peach colour combo

Hello my people,

Lately I have been out and about, travelling from one Continent to another, visiting my motherland and trying to make the best out of it, which has been amazing. Being surrounded by family is  Continue reading “Peach colour combo”

Boring to glam

Hello Beautiful People,

This past weekend, i was busy changing my closet from winter to summer clothes and i came across this jumpsuit that i had not worn in a few years! It is just a plain boring jumpsuit that i used to wear when i was feeling lazy and just wanted to stay indoors. Continue reading “Boring to glam”

Holographic touch

Hello my people,

Happy new Month. How do you choose your outfit? Do your accessories help you determine what to wear or vice-versa?Some Months back i ordered this bag, a Holographic laser bag. Sounds like some outer space weapon right? Continue reading “Holographic touch”

Neon..a 2019 fashion must

Hello lovely friends, i got great news for all of you, Neon is back! I used to think that when a trend takes over a fashion scene and fades away, it takes ages to make a comeback but looks like i was wrong. Continue reading “Neon..a 2019 fashion must”

Leopard Print

Leopard prints has been there for as long as i can remember, but now it is taking over the fashion scene. Animal prints are the IN thing, well not that they were never there before but i would say they are dominating everywhere at the moment, let me just call it a 2019 trend. Continue reading “Leopard Print”

Snake Print

Hello Beautiful People,

My apologies for being quiet for so long, but now am back! you know the saying ‘History repeats itself’ right? so does Trends and Fashion. Snake prints has slithered its way back into fashion and boy oh boy it came with a bang! There is no limit or rules of wearing it, you can mix it, match it, you name it. Continue reading “Snake Print”

Cold shoulder Swimsuit

Hello Lovely People,

Cold shoulder outfits have been trending for a while now, from dresses, shirts,to  tops,even Jumpers(i will show mine in another post). I was searching online for a sexy swim suit for the super hot summer days and i stumbled upon a swimsuit piece that just blew me away and when i saw it i immediately bought it without wasting any time. Continue reading “Cold shoulder Swimsuit”