Of Skater Skirts..

Hey Beautiful People,

I want to share with you an outfit I wore while on holiday in Holland. I love wearing skirts, all types of skirts, wether Maxi, Midi, Pencil, Bandage…you name it, but there is one type of skirt I prefer especially in this hot weather and that is the Midi Skater Skirt, Continue reading “Of Skater Skirts..”

Rainy Day in Summer

Hello Readers,

I hope you had a good start in the new Month of July, i did. I came to realize that it’s not worth it to complain about the weather.Just imagine it’s supposed to be soo hot( a time like this last year,the Temperature was 33 or moreĀ  Degrees Celcius Hot!) but it has been raining almost the whole day! the whole weekend infact! Ok ok enough of the weather updates, am not complaining though,i love it. Continue reading “Rainy Day in Summer”

Sheer Skirts,my new found love :-)

Hello readers,am nervous,excited,i kinda have mixed feelings,you know why? well because this is my first ever post,my first Blog(screams!!) I have been dreaming of this moment,I didnt know how to start,but my advisors(sisters) told me to go for it! well this is it. Continue reading “Sheer Skirts,my new found love :-)”